Wednesday, 13 April 2011

a post for blue bloods, and to show my love for melissa de la cruz!

The following is a poem inspired by the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz as part of the 'Art Project', i hope everyone who reads it enjoys!

Some say being beautiful and immortal is precious,
but those who have are cursed with these things know,
the heaviest burdens are carried by those with deadly good looks.
as are those found in the ravishing blue bloods books.

Deep within the depths of Manhattan, New York,
lie those repressed souls, knowing minds, abnormal beings,
They have a history much older than our red blooded lines,
and their stories can not be found in our history's confines.

It is hard for those who have destinies which are so entwined,
to go against what they have been marked for,
To fight for their own love, life and to become chief
by slaying their own God and light; the silver blood thief.

They are the blue bloods, kings and queens of Manhattan,
Secretly manipulating the workings of the city,
We may look and stare in awe of their glory and splendour,
but what they have to conquer it would be hard not to surrender.

by Annabelle Ng


  1. I adore your blog and will definitly come back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it.

    All the best,

  2. great blog lovely :) xx