Wednesday, 13 April 2011

a post for blue bloods, and to show my love for melissa de la cruz!

The following is a poem inspired by the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz as part of the 'Art Project', i hope everyone who reads it enjoys!

Some say being beautiful and immortal is precious,
but those who have are cursed with these things know,
the heaviest burdens are carried by those with deadly good looks.
as are those found in the ravishing blue bloods books.

Deep within the depths of Manhattan, New York,
lie those repressed souls, knowing minds, abnormal beings,
They have a history much older than our red blooded lines,
and their stories can not be found in our history's confines.

It is hard for those who have destinies which are so entwined,
to go against what they have been marked for,
To fight for their own love, life and to become chief
by slaying their own God and light; the silver blood thief.

They are the blue bloods, kings and queens of Manhattan,
Secretly manipulating the workings of the city,
We may look and stare in awe of their glory and splendour,
but what they have to conquer it would be hard not to surrender.

by Annabelle Ng

Sunday, 11 July 2010

the state of something that has been unused and neglected; "the house was in a terrible state of neglect"

so this blog is neglected. very much so - i remember in year 3 or maybe 4 pondering what neglected meant and i found out when we did a project on donkeys. that's right; donkey's that got kicked. and then i knew what neglect was; to be left in a state of disrepair with no attention paid to it. SO I MUST NOT NEGLECT THIS BLOG.

so i have come to the conclusion i must post everyday. well everyday might turn into everyotherday but technically that has the phrase everyday in it right?

so i was thinking today about the impression but among 'teens' to be quirky and quirkiness has changed from so called cute abnormality to something everyone tries to achieve - leaving it to become the norm.
let me just whip my urbandictionary out.
wannabe; Poser, follower, a charlatan of sorts. One who copies or immitates all or most of the aspects dealing with their idol. They may wish to have certain clothing, skills, vocabulary, etc., of their idols instead of their own. Most likely a wannabe is lacking in self confidence and is looking for guidance.

so taking that into mind..

i'm a wannabe.
we're all wannabes in some aspect of the word; or definition (^).
being asian so much it focused on cute ^_^, peace signs and catclaws/paws in photos.
cue a googled image example:

so i KNOW, how to-be asian [seeing as i am] but because everyone does it, it's not quirky, it's slighting annoying to see another catclaw picture posted onto my fb livefeed. "/.
and with that fashionable
beigey, washed out denims, 'vintage', old cameras, tumblr, pretend grunge and stickthin 'crew'.
cue a polyvore of the average 'fashionable girl':
and i'm not saying it's a bad thing to like this sort of fashion because i do aswell, but people try to hard to fit into this category;
and go out looking for the perfect outfit and try and find 'new' artists that are so obscure it's cool to know them. Admittedly I have been dragged into this and it's not worthwhile, if i'm not 'cool' and 'with it'; fine.
I want to be able to express my self and not follow the crowd, but then again soon enough not following the crowd will soon enough be the new thing to follow.
and as the old saying goes -

'imitation is THE best form of flattery'
and life goes on... ^_^

Sunday, 16 May 2010

GUYS AND GALS, annabelle here! :)

I've had this blog since I started making youtube videos but I guess i haevn't used it, i will post more unimportant updates on me and things i'm enjoying at the moment on here! SO FOLLOW it's free, and as in youtube it is free!

annabelle, xxx